Case Studies

Limpopo Broadband Network

There are plenty of other projects under way to serve South Africa. One of the most exciting is the Limpopo Broadband Network — the project stands for the “R600 million” on a pilot phase for the commercial hubs in Limpopo Province, South Africa, and over R3 billion for the parts of the province where people are not connected — the project owner, Limpopo Connexion aims to make the Internet “accessible and affordable” to those who remain cut off from the Web within Limpopo Province when the project launches.

Backed by companies such as Huawei, Google, SES and Broadband Infraco, DFA and by the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Limpopo Broadband will cover the province regardless of class from rural to urban areas.

Letech is part of this strategic project signed a deal with to bring optic-fiber networks to places the Limpopo province and is promising to take connectivity to more than 3 000 rural schools.

Lesotho ministry of communications

Letech signs deal with the Lesotho ministry of communications, science and technology, to Provide Fast and Reliable Connectivity to kingdom of Lesotho. Lesotho Ministry of communications, science and technology expressed their 2030 connectivity vision, and the drive behind this energy is the MOU between the ministry and Letech.

The R2 billion multi-year will establish an open access, shared, secure, affordable next generation broadband network infrastructure to develop ICT as an economic sector, improve service delivery, transform Lesotho into knowledge economy and information society country and help bridge the digital divide.

This project will accelerate socio-economic growth and development by creating and/or sustaining job opportunities. Letech joins 2Africa Consortium to establish a landing station for the submarine network cable.

Eastern Cape Provincial Government

Letech has joined forces with the global Telecommunications network operator 2Africa to design, construction, maintain and operation of a high-speed and reliable fibre-optic subsea cable network linking Africa to Europe and the rest of the world through the eastern cape provincial government in the east coast of Africa, Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality and 2Africa network which is circumnavigating the coastline of Africa.

Port Elizabeth is strategic to make landfall for the 2Africa cable. As an economic hub, the Eastern Cape province is reliant on sparse long distance inland fibre routes. Creating a landing station in this area not only provides direct breakout to the WWW, but also provides for subsea diverse routing to the land fibre.