Rawlins Wales offer a wide range of consulting services for both, electrical and electronic engineering disciplines of the built environment. Our vast experience enables us to provide diversified service offerings to our clients in the following fields:

Feasibility Studies

  • Energy Audits
    The electrical usage of building sites are investigated to evaluate and determine strategies for optimisation and troubleshooting.
  • Green Buildings
    We provide input from the inception stage and manage the electrical and electrical components until final certification for a Green-Star rated building is achieved.
  • Due Diligence Reports
    Report and recommendation, inclusive if pictorial evidence of the status of the existing electrical installation of various types of buildings.
  • Load Calculations
    The electrical requirements of a site are carefully calculated, based on the occupancy classification, occupational needs, market sector and usage.
  • Cost Estimates
    Detailed cost estimates are prepared at the outset of any project to determine feasibility.
    All estimates are based on current market-related costs and trends.


Medium voltage

Design of medium voltage reticulation systems and specification of switchgear, transformers and miniature substations.

Low voltage

Design and specification of the low voltage electrical network, installed throughout a facility or building to enable optimised LV distribution to various sub-main distribution boards.

Power Factor Correction

A important tool in energy saving and electrical waveform processing is power factor correction, a primary component of most electrical distribution system designs.

Lighting Design

Lighting is a integral component which is required to supplement the overall architectural theme whilst complying with all statutory, maintenance, technological and budget allowances and requirements.

Standby Power Generating Systems

Generators are necessary to keep all essential systems functional during a power outage.
We specialise in various types of design configurations, from stand alone generating sets to synchronised sets.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS Systems are necessary for all mission critical equipment. We have extensive knowledge with various design configurations which would address any specific requirement.

Lightning Protection & Earthing

Earthing and lightning protection systems are an essential means of protection from lightning strikes. We have extensive experience with design and specifications for these systems.

Structured Cabling Systems for Data and Telephone

A structured cabling backbone system for data and telephony provides for flexibility during workstation re-shuffling and ease of maintenance. We offer various design options and reticulation methodologies.

PABX and Communications Systems

PABX’s and communication system designs are undertaken for all types of industry applications. We offer various options and solutions.

Fire Detection systems

Fire detection systems can be provided from the basic early warning detection system through to self-extinguishing gas expulsion systems.

CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are a deterrent to criminal activity and affords
the end user real time access to view suspicious activity and also historical information, depending on the type of system design. We offer various design options and solutions.

Access Control

Pedestrian and vehicular access control systems are a common requirement for most clients and we include these systems in most building designs to control personnel movement and restrict unauthorised access. We offer various design options and solutions.

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Alarm monitoring systems are designed to suit user requirements, with the aim to prevent loss of equipment and to be a deterrent to criminal activity.

Public Address Systems

Public address and evacuation systems are life safety systems which has the capability for  verbal and/ or electronic announcements and can serve a dual purpose for background music.

Building & Energy Management Systems

Building management and automation are control systems designed to monitor and control the mechanical and electrical systems in a building, with the aim to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as compared to non-controlled buildings. We can assist with the complete integration of these systems into a new or existing installation. An Energy Management System is designed specifically for the automated control and monitoring of  heating, ventilation, power and lighting needs of a building, primarily to provide facilities for the reading of electricity, gas and water meters.

Energy Audits and Reports

In depth inspections and analysis of existing facilities reveal much of how power is managed and consumed. Energy audits are to drive down operating costs by implementing new energy management strategies and efficient equipment.

Renewal Energy Systems

The continuous need for improved and effective energy management solutions and an ever-increasing demand for renewable energy systems, enables us to provide engineering design services for Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Systems. Our experience enables us to design
and develop integrated solutions using solar field equipment with utility power sources into reliable, cost effective, feasible and sustainable power systems to serve the needs of our clients.